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Look For The Silver Lining

Posted on November 30 2016

We can't change yesterday but we can change today and tomorrow. Our environment has a real effect on how we feel. Like all decisions, big or small, the hardest part is thinking about it, the easier part is doing it.

I remember as a child being in my Grandmother's home on the top floor one day, looking at many packages wrapped up, some in brown paper, some in tissue. I asked my Grandmother . . . .  "What are all those things in boxes and packages?" She replied "They are the things I save for good".  A few years later my Grandmother passed and all those items were still on the shelves wrapped up and never used.

I always use 'good' now. I never keep beauty wrapped up. I enjoy now. I f this story rings a bell for you, change should be in your future.


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